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Top 5 PlayStation Classics That Would Be Better With Trophy Support

ps one classics

PlayStation classics are making their return on PSN with the arrival of the all-new PS Plus Premium service, and there are quite a few of these games that could benefit from trophy support. Trophies serve as encouragement to go explore and uncover a game’s hidden secrets that may otherwise get overlooked.

We’ve put together a list of 5 PlayStation classics that would be best experienced with trophy support, and the added challenge that they bring.

Metal Gear Solid

This PlayStation era classic needs no introduction. Created by Kojima Productions’ game director Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid made stealth-action popular back when it launched in 1998. As the player, you guide Solid Snake through a nuclear weapons plant while avoiding getting detected by enemy soldiers. Trophy requirements such as having to do non-lethal or stealth-only runs would encourage you to experiment with different play styles for a second playthrough. Moreover, trophies tied to Easter eggs scattered across the game as well as during codec conversations would allow completionists to better track their progress.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Directed by Amy Hennig and developed by Crystal Dynamics, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver a renowned action-adventure video game that was published in 1999 for the PS One. The protagonist is a ghostly vampire known as Raziel. To move across levels, the game heavily relies on shifting between the material and spectral planes of existence. Puzzles are built around this mechanic, and there are several side quests that involve plane-switching in order to unravel many of the game’s secrets. A trophy list would serve as a great reference for completionists as well as for those who wish to explore Nosgoth past the main story.


While Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX received modern day remasters with trophy support, Xenogears remains lost in the depths of Square Enix’s vault. Originally released in 1998, the JRPG is an otaku’s dream come true. There are giant robots, a deep and engaging narrative that explores religion and philosophy, The turn-based combat offered a unique flavor of its own, setting it apart from the Final Fantasy games. The art style and soundtrack made the experience all the more immersive, and further elevated it to legendary status. It’s an expansive journey that’s contains several side quests and missable dialogue with NPCs. Trophy support would add a whole lot to the experience, and give fans one more reason to do another 100% completion run for one of the most beloved PlayStation classics.

Vagrant Story

Vagrant Story is a one-of-a-kind console action-adventure role-playing game that didn’t have shops and NPCs to talk to. Instead, it focused on weapon crafting and customization, as well as puzzle-solving and strategic components. Originally released in the year 2000, the game puts players in control of Ashley Riot, an elite agent tasked with investigating the connection between a cult leader and Duke Bardorba, a top Valendian Parliament member. As a dungeon crawler, Vagrant Story’s dungeons are filled with secret doors and areas to unlock. As such, the game would be a great fit for trophies.

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment is the third installment in the Persona series, a sub-series of the Megami Tensei brand, and is created by Atlus. It was released in Japan and North America for the PlayStation in 2000. The player controls a group of people as they explore Sumaru, a fictitious metropolis. The Rumor system is an important part of the plot and gameplay: when the characters hear a rumor, they may disseminate it across the city using various characters. These rumors may reward the group with unique items or have other positive or negative repercussions. Given the unpredictable nature of gameplay, multiple playthroughs and trophy support are a natural fit for this PlayStation classic.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, and there are several other PlayStation classics that we’d love to see trophy support added to, including the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics, Ace Combat, and Ridge Racer. PlayStation classics are set to hit the PS Store alongside PS Plus Premium, which is scheduled to launch in Asia beginning May 23, 2022. It will subsequently launch in Japan on June 1, the Americas on June 13, and Europe on June 23. The pricing will vary pending on the region.

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