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WWE 2K24 Update 1.12 Drops With Improvements To AI and New MyFaction Events

WWE 2K24 update 1.12 was released today on July 8. It fixes several issues related to the gameplay AI and adds support for new events.

In the most recent update for WWE 2K24, or Patch 1.12, the primary focus has been enhancing AI behavior and preparing for upcoming content in the MyFACTION mode. The adjustments made in the patch directly address specific issues that players, such as unresponsive AI in certain scenarios and frequent weapon dropping have reported. These adaptations are intended to elevate the gameplay experience by ensuring that AI interactions are more seamless and true to life. Furthermore, the update provides support for forthcoming events in MyFACTION, a game mode that enables players to establish and oversee their wrestling factions. This promises an array of new content and challenges for our players.

Complete Patch Notes for WWE 2K24 Version 1.12


  • Addressed reported concerns over AI becoming unresponsive in certain situations.
  • Addressed reported concerns over AI repeatedly dropping weapons.
  • Added support for upcoming MyFACTION events.

WWE 2K24 represents the latest addition to the WWE 2K series, developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. This particular wrestling simulation game allows users to assume the roles of a wide array of WWE Superstars, spanning various eras, and participate in an assortment of match types and storylines.

The game encompasses a range of modes, including MyFACTION, where players can establish and oversee their wrestling factions, partake in events, and earn rewards. Moreover, WWE 2K24 incorporates the favored MyCAREER mode, enabling users to design a personalized wrestler and navigate their journey through the tiers of WWE, starting from NXT to the primary roster. The Universe mode offers a sandbox experience, giving players control over WWE shows, rivalries, and events.

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