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Abandoned Realtime Trailer App Is ‘Temporarily’ Abandoned Again

Abandoned is a brand new indie horror game from Bluebox Studios that has sparked a lot of reactions online because of some strange ‘coincidences’ with Kojima. The realtime trailer app for Abandoned is still not live on PS5.

There is so much to talk about if we are going to explain the reason why the game is a viral sensation right now when it doesn’t even have a proper trailer or release date, but we will leave that for another time. We are going to talk about the launch of the realtime trailer app for Abandoned, which apparently gets abandoned again on the basis of “technical difficulties”.

What happened was that the Abandoned Realtime Trailer app was supposed to go live today with an update, but just before it was supposed to get the patch, the developers posted about facing technical issues, and the launch of the app was delayed again.

It has been 12 hours since they updated the users on the issue and the app is still not live. There is so much anticipation for the app because fans are convinced that it is either going to be a reveal for a brand new Silent Hill, or a new Metal Gear game. Both are properties of Konami and both involved Kojima in the past, Silent Hills.

What Is RealTime Trailer App For Abandoned?

This app will be used to showcase Abandoned running in realtime on a PS5. If we had to guess, this will be just an app that will run a cutscene from the game and simply tease details about it. This type of marketing hasn’t been done by any developer previously, but Kojima did pull it off with P.T, which was a demo that was basically a teaser for Silent Hills. Sadly, the project was canceled shortly afterward.

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