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Alan Wake 2 Shares Major Connections With Control, But Not With Quantum Break

Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming survival horror game, Alan Wake 2, shares major connections with Control, but not with Quantum Break.

Speaking during an interview, Alan Wake 2 director Sam Lake revealed that Control exists in the same world and very little is coincidence, though Max Payne and Quantum Break share no connection with either.

Alan wake 2 control quantum break

Lake mentioned the character of Dylan, Jesse’s brother from Control, who claimed having met a man named Mr. Door in his dreams. He described him as a traveler of the multiverse, endlessly “shifting” between realities. In the recent Alan Wake 2 trailer, actor David Harewood is seen as Mr. Door. According to Lake, the way Remedy approaches its Connected Universe, Control existing in the same world, very little is by coincidence. There’s usually a payoff and a meaning, he said, hinting that the character of Mr. Door is the same across both games.

According to one fan theory, Mr. Door is also Martin Hatch from Remedy’s time bending game from 2016, Quantum Break. However, despite not wanting to shoot down fan theories, Lake admitted that out of the studio’s past games, Max Payne and Quantum Break are not part of the Remedy Connected Universe, nor are they a part of Remedy’s plans.

Regarding further connections to Control, Lake confirmed that there are certain elements introduced in Jesse’s journey will be expanded upon in Alan Wake 2. The red light, for example, is part of the journey Remedy started with Control on looking at striking visualizations and art house horror films. According to him, both Alan Wake and Control fans will actually be surprised by the amount of connection points between both IPs. That said, Remedy’s upcoming game is, first and foremost, an Alan Wake sequel, and the development team has been mindful about creating an experience where none of the aforementioned connections are required homework.

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