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Ark Survival Evolved Update 2.40 Is Out, Here Are The Patch Notes

Ark Survival Evolved has been updated to version 2.40 by Studio Wildcard. This update implements a long list of changes as seen with the patch notes.

Studio Wildcard has implemented some new TLC for the game for Mammoth and Stego. In addition, various other adjustments were made to the game. This update should available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Those who hadn’t participated in the last live event won’t get any chance now as the developers are ending the Fear Evolved event and removing any of the Halloween content. If you missed it, you have to wait until next year now.

Ark Survival Evolved Update 2.40 Patch Notes

Current PS4 Version:  v552.6

Current Xbox One Version: v803.6

Current PC Version: v316.19

  • Mammoth TLC
  • Stego TLC
  • Taming HUD
  • Turret Radius Settings
  • Insects are now breedable
  • Wyverns are now breedable (except Zombie Wyvern)
  • Reduced Giganotosaurus maturation time by approximately 15% (Total growth is around 10~ days)
  • Increased Diplocaulus base health by 33% (from 190 to 250.3)
  • Increased Diplocaulus movement speed when ridden by 25%
  • Added a (slow draining) bleed to Thylacoleo basic attack
  • Reduced depth requirement for Megachelon breeding so that it can be bred on other maps
  • Reduced Megalodon gestation/aging times to match Megaloceros
  • Added a Pack Bonus to Megalodon: Damage Reduction and Damage Increase per pack member within range
  • Added a bleed to Megalodon basic attack
  • Increased Jerboa base weight capacity from 55 to 120 (Matches Bulbdog)
  • Increase Ankylosaurus metal weight reduction by 10% (from total reduction of 75% to 85%)
  • You can now turn when rolling with a Doedicurus (similarly to the Genesis Race Mission)
  • Basilisk now has eyes
  • Element reward from The Island bosses has been increased by 100%
  • Element reward from The Center bosses has been increased by 100%
  • Element reward from Scorched Earth has been increased by 50%
  • Fixed a bug which broke biome specific overrides
  • New Dynamic Ini options: HexagonRewardMultiplier (multiplies hex rewards for missions), BabyImprintAmountMultiplier, and BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier
  • Ended Fear Evolved and removed Halloween content

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Ark Survival Evolved is available now for PS4, Xbox One, PC. It will also support the PS5 and Xbox Series X with a next-generation update available for free.

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