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Armored Core VI Will Feature Story Rich Single-Player, Multiplayer Limited To Battle Arena

Armored Core VI will feature a single-player campaign that is rich in story, and the multiplayer component will be limited to battle arenas.

Speaking during an interview, Armored Core VI director Yu Yamamura revealed that the game’s campaign will be more story focused, and that the multiplayer component will be limited to dedicated battle arenas.

Armored core vi multiplayer

In response to a question regarding the inclusion of multiplayer in Armored Core VI, Yamamura said that he mainly envisioned it for the battle mode. Just like in prior entries in the series, players will be able to pit their mechs against each other while also showing off their weapon and frame customization in the online space.

On the other hand, regarding the main story mode, Yamamura made it clear that it is a single-player experience through and through. He said that co-op play is not included in order to focus on aspects like dynamic action, free-roam, and active changes during missions. He clarified that the studio is focusing on a rich experience that can only be delivered in a single-player environment.

Responding to a question regarding similarities between Sekiro and Armored Core VI, Yamamura said that the two don’t have anything in common. Though, he added that both games feature aggressive battles and high-speed action. Armored Core VI features a mechanic that allows players to break the enemy’s frame (critical hit), and both offense and defense are based around it.

Battles are comprised of a mix of gunfights and melee action, and, therefore, they’re more mecha-like in terms of feel and aggression. Yanamura also stated that both Sekiro and Armored Core VI feature fierce boss battles, but they differ greatly in terms of how they are incorporated into the game design.

Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicorn is set to arrive on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC sometime in 2023.

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