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Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 15.0.1 Released, Here Are The Patch Notes

Nintendo has released a brand new rebootless Nintendo Switch firmware update today that appears to bump the system software to version 15.0.1.

Basically, this is a silent firmware update that will download and install without the need to reboot the console. As such, there are no major changes implemented in this update. All it does is make changes to the bad words list. It is no wonder then that there is no major change implemented for this update.

Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 15.0.1 Patch Notes

  • Changes to the bad words lists

This information comes from Oatmeal Dome, who has previously leaked information through data mining either the game files or the system files. They mention the following changes implemented as part of this update.

[Nintendo Switch Firmware Update]

A rebootless update for 15.0.1 was released. The sole changes are to the bad words lists. Various terms were added. It also appears the lists were shuffled a bit to prevent inoffensive text from being accidentally blocked in some languages.

If you are hoping to see Nintendo address some of the issues with their system software, the ship might have sailed a long time ago. They have stopped adding new features to the firmware at this point as they gear up for their next console, which might launch in 2023.

There are rumors suggesting that this new hardware will come with the next generation of Tegra SoC which will provide it backward compatibility with the Nintendo Switch games while also offering improved performance for the newer games. The console is starting to show its age as seen with games like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which were plagued with performance issues at launch.

Nintendo Switch has eclipsed Nintendo Wii to become the best-selling console ever for Nintendo. It is also the fastest selling console for the company and despite launching almost five years ago, the console continues to do really well even today.

If you have updated to the latest firmware and have noticed any other hidden changes, do let us know about it in the comments below.

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