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Avowed Will Feature A Third Person Camera Mode

Xbox Game Studios and Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming action role-playing game, Avowed, will feature a third person camera mode.

In the latest Xbox Games Showcase deep dive for Avowed, director Carrie Patel revealed that the game will feature a third person camera mode for players who prefer it over the standard first person mode.

Avowed third person

Furthermore, Patel discussed how the combat in Avowed has been heavily improved over previous builds. She specifically highlighted the improved hit reactions to player and enemy attacks. The game will offer players the opportunity to mix and match various abilities, and they’ll also be able to respec their character from scratch to try out a different build. Additionally, there will be multiple paths to approach enemy encounters. Players will come across a wide range of gear to equip, with varying levels of quality, including Common, Fine, Exceptional, Legendary. Once acquired, gear can also be upgraded.

Avowed third person

Patel also shared that Avowed will feature skill trees, dialogue choice, companions, and other game systems fans have come to expect from an Obsidian role-playing game.

Previously, during a documentary on the occasion of Obsidian’s 20th anniversary, studio head/founder Feargus Urquhart had talked about how he made certain decisions that he felt really good about, but there were also decisions that felt not good about. One of the things that he really pushed was that Avowed was going to be a co-op focused game, and he went with it for a long time. In the end, he felt that it was the wrong decision to push. He mentioned that Obsidian was an independent studio at the time (prior to getting acquired by Microsoft), and he had made the decision to push for a co-op focused RPG in order to make it more compelling to publishers.

Avowed is set for release on Xbox Series X|S and PC sometime later this year in 2024.

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