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Battlefield 2021 Major Leak Uncovers 80% of The Reveal Trailer

Battlefield 2021 will get an official reveal later in June but thanks to a leaker, we have now seen almost 80% of the trailer in leaked format.

While we have quite a few leaks regarding Battlefield 2021, this is the first time we have so many screenshots from the trailer. This has practically led to an animated GIF that gives a glimpse at the upcoming reveal trailer. While this might not be a high-quality leak, it does provide a pretty good overview of what the trailer will be about and also teases the logo, which has been rumored to be just titled Battlefield.

First, the leaker who originally posted these screenshots shared more than 50 different stills from the trailer. It was rearranged by fans so that the images play out in a sequence.

BF2021 Trailer Leaks but rearranged to actually make sense

This opened the door to simply combining these images into a video form thus leading to the trailer footage that can be seen below.

As for the trailer itself, we won’t get to see it until June as teased by the official Twitter account. Now comes the interesting part as per Tom Henderson, who is a reputable leaker of Battlefield and Call of Duty news.

According to Henderson, the leaked screenshots and images so far have basically shown us 80% of the trailer. Henderson was also the first person to share a sketch from the Battlefield trailer which matches the footage that is available now.

Battlefield 2021 will be a cross-generation game that will also take full advantage of the current-generation hardware. It is targeting a Fall 2021 release window.

Ali Haider

Ali Haider loves to dabble in multimedia projects. He has a passion for editing and managing YouTube videos and loves writing in his spare time.

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