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Battlefield 2021 Screenshots Leaked From Pre-Alpha Build

Battlefield 2021 is close to an official reveal. The game will be shown on June 9 and apparently some influencers are already playing an early build.

Earlier today, the official Twitter account for Battlefield started to send a cryptic message to influencers on social media. This message was fully uncovered although it didn’t really explain or show much. Lirik, who was one of the influencers to get this message from the official Twitter account later shared a tweet mentioning that he is given the opportunity to playtest an unannounced game.

It is important to mention this because alleged screenshots from a pre-alpha build of Battlefield have leaked online. They are supposedly from Battlefield 2021 but their quality is far too low. They do look authentic so there is little doubt that these are forged. This pre-alpha build also lines up with the earlier tweet of Lirik mentioning the chance to play an unannounced game.

uhhh guys….?

The source of these screenshots is a discord server that is managed by Tom Henderson, who has leaked a lot of accurate information on the Battlefield and Call of Duty series. They were first posted there and then someone grabbed them and shared them on reddit.

From the low-quality pictures, it definitely looks like this new game is set in modern times. This is if these screenshots are accurate and represent the final game.

Battlefield 2021 is confirmed to be a cross-generation game and will be released for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

Salal Awan

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