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Battlefield 2042 Pre-Load Is Live, File Size On Xbox Series X and PS5 Revealed

Battlefield 2042 will be out on November 19 but the pre-load is already up on Xbox consoles. Find out the details on the pre-load including download size.

EA Dice had confirmed that the pre-load will be up quite a bit earlier. This will apply to any version of the game so you don’t need to grab the expensive Ultimate or Gold edition. According to the Twitter account BFBulletin, you can get started with pre-load on Xbox One and Xbox Series X right now.

Battlefield 2042 Pre-Load and Download Size

The file size of Battlefield 2042 has been listed at 27 GB on Xbox One, and 51 GB on Xbox Series X. This doesn’t count for any post-launch updates, or even a day one update that might add to the file size.

As for the PS5 version, it has been revealed to be 42 GB on PS5 according to PlayStationGameSize. This is smaller than the Xbox Series X version while larger than the Xbox One. The same might apply to the PS4 version, which should stick closer to the Xbox One rather than the PS5 or Xbox Series version.

The pre-load will officially begin for PC and PlayStation consoles beginning November 10. This applies to any edition of the game including the Standard edition. There is also a 10 hour trial for all EA Play subscribers so if you have a subscription, you can check it out before buying it.

While you are here, take a look at the trophy/achievement guide for Battlefield 2042 and find out if you have what it takes to get 100% completion or the platinum trophy.

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