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Bethesda Assures Fans Starfield Will Launch On Time; Microsoft Reportedly Holding Launch Event

Bethesda has assured fans that its upcoming action role-playing game, Starfield, will launch on time, while Microsoft is reportedly looking to host an event to celebrate the game’s launch.

Pete Hines, Head of Publishing at Bethesda, took to Twitter to reassure to fans that Starfield will launch as per schedule in 3 weeks time on September 6, 2023. In response to a fan inquiring about the release of the “next-gen” update for Fallout 4, he reminded that the studio is shipping a new game in the coming weeks, and that it is currently the development team’s priority. He added that Bethesda will share an update regarding the Fallout 4 patch when it is able to do so.

Starfield launch event

Additionally, Karim Jovian, digital media producer and interviewer, shared that he has received word from a confidential source that Microsoft will be holding an interactive launch event for Starfield. As for why the launch event will be digital and not a traditional physical one, it is likely due to most purchases being are digital nowadays and because a lot of fans will be playing the game via Xbox Game Pass.

Previously, the pre-load date and download size for Starfield were revealed. Online retailer Amazon revealed the pre-load date for Starfield, and both Steam and the Xbox Store shared the game’s download size at launch.

Additionally, it was reported that a fan site had attempted to piece together an approximate version of the galaxy map that will be featured in Starfield, based on pre-release video footage from the game. Bethesda released the first gameplay footage from the game back in June, 2022, which revealed that it features over 100 star systems. The footage included around 6 second of the galaxy map that will be available to players. Approximately 75 star systems were visible in the footage, with a few of them bearing notable names. Among them were three stars stood as authentic: Sol, Alpha Centauri, and Porrima.

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