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New Blizzard Survival Game Reportedly Called “Odyssey”, Will Be A Multiplatform Release

The new unannounced survival game from Blizzard is reportedly called “Odyssey”, and it is set to be a multiplatform release.

During the latest episode of The XboxTwo podcast, Jez Corden stated that Blizzard’s new unannounced survival game is reportedly called Odyssey, and that it’s not just a codename. He added that he believes the game will be a multiplatform release.

He clarified that Odyssey is at a point in development where it’s very close to being completed as a multiplatform title. He believes that it wouldn’t make sense for Microsoft to cancel the PlayStation version post-acquisition. That said, he added that he may be wrong, as the software giant is paying a huge sum to acquire Activision Blizzard King, and that the company would want a return on its investment as early as possible. He also pointed out that a majority of the user base that follows and enjoys Blizzard’s games is on PC, and pulling out the PlayStation version from release may not be as damaging to sales as it otherwise would have.

A few months ago, Corden had revealed the existence of Odyssey, a new IP from Blizzard that features survival game mechanics and looks similar to Rare’s Everwild. He said that the game is based in a fairy tale setting, with base building as well as mercantile mechanics. He made it a point to highlight that the game, even in its early state, looks “amazing”.

Corden claimed to have seen gameplay footage from project Odyssey, and he found it to look very similar to Rare’s Everwild. In terms of gameplay, it reminded him of Fallout 76, though he mentioned that he doesn’t think the game is an MMO. He added that it will allow players to make their own vendors, like a potion shop that sells items to other players. The early footage Jez saw showed off fancy machinery in a fairy tale aesthetic, giving it a very distinct feel. The game is played from the first-person perspective, and the main character carries a bow and arrow. The machines appeared to be working under the influence of alchemy.

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