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Brand New Ys Game Is In The Works That Will Be Completely Different From Its Predecessors

Ys series is moving forward with a new game in development. It will be completely different from the last three games in the series.

This is according to the company president Toshiro Kondo, who talked about it in a new interview shared to Weibo (via). In this interview, Kondo talks about the plans for the company and how they plan to tackle the future Ys games.

“We can say that we are already working on a new Ys game, but no way that it can be released in 2022, ” says Kondo. “There will be new ideas in the new ‘Ys’. In fact, from Ys 7 to Ys 9, these titles have maintained a similar system, but the new work will be completely different.”

Kondo is talking about YSVII, which launched back in 2009, and YSVIII which launched in 2016 followed by YSIX, which was released last year. All of these games featured the same core structure with action-based combat and role-playing elements but they were starting to grow stale.

Kondo has now stated that with the new game, they are looking to develop something different from the last trilogy, so it could mean a radical transformation of the core gameplay like combat while retaining the identity of the series.

Ys series is a niche JRPG franchise that hasn’t seen the popularity boom of its peers like Persona and Shin Megami Tensei. It continues to release across multi-platforms including PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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