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Elden Ring Has New Game Plus and Multiple Endings

From Software has confirmed that Elden Ring has a new game plus mode in addition to offering multiple endings in the game.

In a recent interview that was shared on the PlayStation Blog, the game director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, revealed that there are indeed multiple endings in the game in addition to a new game plus mode.

“Yes, both New Game Plus and multiple endings will be intact in Elden Ring, ” replies Miyazaki in response to a question asking about their existence.

This has been the case for some of the previous From Software games so it is nothing new. It does reveal that in addition to offering one of the largest worlds created by From Software, the game continues to retain its impressive replay value with a new game plus mode.

So what will be offered in the Elden Ring New Game Plus mode? We don’t have any official information for now since the game is not out yet.

Miyazaki also talks about the difficulty of Elden Ring and confirms that while they have not tried to lower the difficulty setting artificially, they do think that with the new gameplay systems, more players will be able to finish the game.

“In Elden Ring, we have not intentionally tried to lower the game’s difficulty, but I think more players will finish it this time. As I mentioned, the player’s level of freedom to progress through the world or return to a challenge later are all elements that I feel will help people get through the game at a more leisurely pace.”

Elden Ring will be out on February 25, 2022, for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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