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Bulletstorm VR Gets Thrilling New Trailer Ahead of January 18 Release

People Can Fly has unveiled a new trailer for their highly anticipated game Bulletstorm VR. This first-person shooter promises to revolutionize the VR gaming landscape with its launch on January 18, offering an intense combat experience on various platforms, including Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, PlayStation VR 2, and PC via Steam.

The newly released trailer, called “Campaign for Vengeance,” offers a glimpse into the gameplay and story of Bulletstorm VR. The video showcases both the high-octane action the series is known for and the emphasis on the narrative and characters. Fans of the Bulletstorm series will recognize familiar elements but with new VR-specific features, including weapon reloading mechanics, head-aimed energy leashing, and dual-wielding Energy Blades.

In Bulletstorm VR, players take on the role of Grayson Hunt, a hotheaded space mercenary with formidable combat skills. This first-person shooter combines classic, fast-paced gunplay with devastating melee combos. Players will enjoy a hands-on experience with a fully redesigned control scheme tailored for virtual reality.

Set in the hostile world of Stygia, players become Grayson Hunt, an exiled member of the elite assassin group Dead Echo seeking revenge against the ex-commander who betrayed him. Bulletstorm VR introduces exclusive content featuring the iconic character Trishka Novak. Players can step into her boots and explore two brand-new levels, wielding the new Energy Blade weapons in dual-wielding glory.

Bulletstorm VR redefines in-game combat with its ‘creative carnage’ approach. Players can use power kicks, slides, charged shots, explosives, and environmental interactions, to execute a symphony of Skillshots. This gameplay mechanic enhances the action and encourages players to aim for maximum carnage combos, unlocking new weapons and upgrades.

The iconic Energy Leash and the entire Bulletstorm arsenal of weapons are elevated in the VR environment. Players can now experience the thrill of dual-wielding, bringing enemies closer for a more personal confrontation or using them as shields against incoming fire.

The game’s setting, Stygia, is a landscape filled with challenges ranging from raiders to colossal beasts. Players will navigate through badlands, urban ruins, and terror domes, unleashing destruction at every turn.

Bulletstorm VR is set for release on January 18, 2024, and will be available on PSVR2, SteamVR, and Meta Quest.

Greg Martin

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