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Bully 2 Prototype Details Allegedly Leaked

Details regarding an early prototype for Rockstar Games’ Bully 2 have allegedly been leaked, based on the latest rumor.

Early in the year 2022, Youtuber SWEGTA claimed to have interviewed one of the alleged developers who worked on a prototype for Bully 2 back in the year 2013. The game has been canceled multiple times, mainly due to it being a lower priority compared to bigger Rockstar Games IPs, such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption.

In response to a question regarding a rumored Bully 2 reveal at The Game Awards 2022, the alleged developer said that they didn’t have any insight into the current state of the game. They gave a background on what they played back in 2013. According to them, they played the Mad Doc developed original version, which was in development around a decade ago. It was a 6 to 8 hour vertical slice at the time. The protagonist, Jimmy, looked a little older and taller than in the first game. He had the same build and the same scars and facial structure, but aged at least 6 months.

According to the alleged developer, Bully 2’s story took place in the Summer after Bullworth Academy first year, when Jimmy was back in his hometown. They claimed that the game was set to have 16 missions, and the ones they played involved rescuing kids from a summer camp. The game was said to be a “pure sandbox”, and the most important parts of the game loops were present in the prototype. There were mini games, such as go kart races and lawnmower efficiency (mowing lawns under time constraint).

The alleged developer claimed that Bully 2’s game world was vibrant, with lots of greenery. The game was developed with a Teen rating in mind, and there were no lethal weapons in the prototype build, though it was intended to skirt the line between Teen and Mature ratings. They further mentioned other elements from the game, including the presence of a Cliques/Factions mechanic, returning characters, and a remembrance feature for dogs and characters. They also stated that select features from this prototype were incorporated into Red Dead Redemption 2.

Previously, Bully 2 had been rumored to be in development since some time, and the first ever screenshots from the game were allegedly leaked.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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