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Call of the Sea On PS5 Runs at a Higher Resolution and FPS Than XSX

Call of the Sea on PS5 runs at a higher resolution and has better performance than the Xbox Series version according to a new technical analysis.

Call of the Sea is developed by Out of the Blue Games. It was first released for the Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC in December last year. It launched on day one for Xbox Game Pass. The game didn’t really benefit from the Xbox Series hardware and ran at 1440p resolution with performance issues on the current-generation Xbox.

The game has been released on the PS5 and the results on Sony’s current-generation console are far better than the Xbox Series. The game runs at a dynamic 4K resolution which sticks closer to 1800p on the PS5. To top it, shadows are now better quality on the PS5 and the performance overall is smoother as well. Other benefits include faster loading times on the PlayStation 5.

While this might sound like it puts a terrible light on the Xbox Series, the developers have acknowledged this on their official Twitter and have confirmed that a new patch will be deployed on Microsoft’s console that will include bug fixes and optimization in addition to tweaks to improve the game.

call of the sea ps5

Call of The Sea is available now for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. The game has also leaked for the Nintendo Switch through a rating by Taiwan Game Rating Board. The developers haven’t announced any news on a potential Nintendo Switch version for now.

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