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Capcom Will Decline An Acquisition Attempt From Microsoft, Focus Remains On PC As Main Platform

Capcom has stated clearly that, in the event that an acquisition attempt is made from Microsoft, Capcom will gracefully decline.

Speaking during an interview with Bloomberg, Capcom COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto stated that he would gracefully decline an acquisition proposal from Microsoft because he believes it would be better the they were equal partners.

Capcom microsoft acquisition

Additionally, Tsujimoto mentioned that Capcom is not interested in a Merger or Acquisition of their own, as it has no intention to buy any companies. He said that the company will instead focus on “organic growth”. The publisher did, however, acquire a small 3D graphics company called Swordcanes Studio Co through share acquisition earlier in 2023.

Furthermore, Tsujimoto stated that PC has been the main platform for Capcom for many years now. While that may be the case, certain titles like Monster Hunter World saw a delayed release on the platform, while others such as Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition did not receive a PC version at all. The VR modes in both Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 4 Remake are also exclusive to PS5. Despite the intention to target PC as the primary platform, the company still appears to focus on its console audience.

Previously, in a Q&A session during its 1st Quarter earnings call for Fiscal Year 2023, Capcom reveled that it was satisfied with the performance of its recent multiplayer third-person shooter, Exoprimal, and that it did not expect the game to lead to a financial loss for the company.

In response to a question regarding Exoprimal’s performance and outlook, the publisher stated that, given that it is an all-new IP, the situation is not without its challenges. However, Capcom stated that it considered the game amassing over 1 million players to be a positive. Going forward, the publisher will continue to release content for Exoprimal, while monitoring player behavior with an eye toward expanding sales.

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