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Capcom Satisfied With Performance Of Exoprimal, Doesn’t Expect Financial Loss

Capcom has expressed satisfaction with the performance of its latest multiplayer third-person shooter, Exoprimal, and the publisher does not expect it to result in financial loss.

In a Q&A session during its 1st Quarter earnings call for Fiscal Year 2023, Capcom reveled that it is satisfied with the performance of Exoprimal, and that it does not expect the game to lead to a financial loss for the company.

Exoprimal capcom

In response to a question regarding the multiplayer third-person shooter’s performance and outlook, the publisher stated that, given that it is an all-new IP, the situation is not without its challenges. However, Capcom stated that it considers the game amassing over 1 million players to be a positive. Going forward, the publisher will continue to release content for Exoprimal while monitoring player behavior with an eye toward expanding sales.

Exoprimal is a 2023 multiplayer third-person shooter developed and published by Capcom. The game puts players in control of an “exofighter,” a soldier equipped with an exosuit, as they engage in thrilling battles against hordes of dinosaurs. The ultimate objective is to vanquish the malevolent artificial intelligence known as Leviathan.

Exoprimal divides players into two teams vying to swiftly accomplish objectives. Each exosuit in the game possesses distinct weapons and abilities, categorized into three character classes: Assault, Tank, and Support. Roadblock, an impenetrable tank with a shielding ability, complements the team, while the Witchdoctor assumes the role of a supportive healer for fellow players, and Barrage, the explosive expert, adds an element of chaos. Players get the flexibility to change classes mid-game or equip “rigs” to their characters, thereby gaining abilities from other classes. Players can progress through the game’s Survival Pass in order to unlock fresh skins and cosmetic items for their exosuits and weapons. The main mode in the game is “Dino Survival”, where two teams of five players race against each other to complete a series of objectives set by Leviathan.

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