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Clockwork Revolution & Other Unannounced Games Release Window Surfaces In Leak

The release window for Xbox Game Studios and InXile Entertainment’s action role-playing game, Clockwork Revolution, has surfaced in a new leak.

The release window for a bunch of unreleased video games have been revealed via actor Mike Bodie’s resume, including Clockwork Revolution. Given that he has signed an NDA, he has listed the names of these upcoming titles in code words. For example, Clockwork Revolution is mentioned as “NDA: CWRKRV”. It’s easy to decipher some of these games, while others are difficult to figure out. A Reddit user was able to put together a list with possible names of upcoming games for each corresponding code word.

Clockwork revolution release

Release Window For Clockwork Revolution & Other Unannounced Games

The release window for Clockwork Revolution and other unannounced titles can be seen below.

  • AC8: Ace Combat 8, Bandai Namco Studios, Date: 2025
  • D82: The Dark Pictures Anthology: Directive 8020 , Supermassive Games, Date: 2025
  • OAHU: possibly Borderlands 4, Gearbox, Date: 2025
  • DE X M2: Daemon X Machina: Titanic Scion. Marvelous, Date: 2025
  • HOTD2: House of the Dead 2: Remake. Forever Entertainment, Date: 2024
  • 63D: 63 Days, Destructive Creations, Date: 2025
  • F4: Fable, Playground Games, Date: 2025
  • GT: Game of Thrones MMO, Nexon, Date: 2025
  • IMPACT: (possibly Mafia 4, Date: 2025
  • INFIN: Infinitesimals, Cubit Studios, Date: 2025
  • TD-EOTE: possibly Echos of the End, Myrkur Games, Date: 2025
  • AOM: Age of Mythology, Microsoft Studios, Date: 2024
  • AOW: Age of Water, Three Whales Studios, Date: 2024
  • HSTNE: SMR: Hearthstone, Activision Bllizzard, Date: 2024
  • SG2: Shadowgate 2, Forever Entertainment, Date: 2024
  • SMTE: SMITE 2, Hi-Rez Studios, Date: 2024.
  • WOW-TWW: WoW The War Within. Activision Blizzard, Date: 2024

The above list suggests that Clockwork Revolution is set for release sometime in the year 2025 on Windows and Xbox Series X/S.. The upcoming action role-playing game is developed by InXile Entertainment and published by Xbox Game Studios. It is played from a first-person perspective and includes time-bending combat, role-playing systems, and character creation. Players will use a time-traveling device called the Chronometer to travel back in time, make choices that affect the past, and then return to the present to witness the consequences.

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