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Cricket 24 Announced for PC and Consoles; Free Upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series X Versions

Big Ant Studios, in collaboration with Nacon, has revealed the upcoming release of Cricket 24: Official Game of The Ashes, scheduled for June 2023. The game follows the success of Cricket 22 and broadens its scope, incorporating teams from across the globe, thus establishing itself as the most all-encompassing and immersive cricket video game ever made.

Continuing Big Ant Studios’ commitment to equality and equal representation, Cricket 24 ensures that both Men’s and Women’s cricket receive consistent coverage throughout the game’s various modes.

New Features In Cricket 24

Cricket 24 boasts several key features that make it the most realistic cricket simulation ever created:

  1. The Ashes: Cricket 24 immerses players in the heart of cricket’s most intense rivalry, complete with intricate cutscenes, press conferences, team training sessions, and exclusive commentary. Players can experience The Ashes as a single-player or represent Australia or England.
  2. Official Licenses: The game includes over 200 players with full photogrammetry and major cricket nations such as Australia, England, West Indies, New Zealand, and Ireland, with more to be announced. It also features the biggest tournaments and over 50 highly detailed official stadiums.
  3. Career Mode: Players can lead their custom cricketers from local club play to the international stage, honing their skills and growing their fan base. Cricket 24 provides increased control over the player’s career, enabling specialization in short-form, Test teams, or a balanced combination in pursuit of stardom.
  4. All-New Fielding: The fielding system has been entirely revamped, offering the most realistic and responsive controls ever seen in a cricket video game.
  5. Cross-Platform Play: Cricket 24 supports cross-platform play, permitting players to compete online against others, regardless of their platform. Custom content can also be shared across platforms, including stadiums, players, teams, and more.
  6. Pro Team: Players can collect cards to construct their dream cricket team and participate in weekly challenges in single-player gameplay or compete online against the world. Friends can also join together to engage in The Auction mode, emphasizing team building.

Big Ant CEO Ross Symons expressed enthusiasm about the game’s impending release, stating, “The passion and excitement shown by our fans at the prospect of another game being released before the upcoming Ashes has been overwhelming. We’ve been working incredibly hard with cricket boards all over the world to bring what is the deepest, most realistic video game representation of the sport ever. I believe Cricket 24 will bring something special for cricket fans all over the world, as it is the first truly global cricket video game.”

Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley also conveyed his excitement about the partnership with Big Ant Studios, saying, “Cricket Australia is excited to once again partner with Big Ant Studios to bring such an interactive and realistic video game to cricket fans in time for the upcoming Ashes Series in England. The Ashes is one of world sport’s greatest rivalries, and it’s brilliant that fans will be able to play their own Ashes series through Cricket 24 and emulate their favorite players and teams.”

Cricket 24 is slated for release in June 2023, with free upgrades available for fans who purchase the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and later acquire the current generation of hardware. A Nintendo Switch version will be available in November 2023.

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