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Crysis Trilogy Remaster Spotted In Crytek Documents Leak

Crytek was planning to remaster the whole Crysis trilogy according to a leak of their internal documents that also revealed canceled projects.

Both Ubisoft and Crytek are victims of an apparent ransomware attack that has led to some of their internal documents and source code for games appearing on hacking websites. Crytek had a major leak with internal documents that detailed their various projects including a sequel to Ryse. There was a total of 700 GB of data leak between both developers that was leaked to the internet.

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One of the internal documents for Crytek had mentioned a remaster of the Crysis Trilogy. Originally, Crytek was hoping to get the whole trilogy by February 2021 and planned to release a Crysis Collection by Summer 2021, however, that didn’t work out that well for them as the first game was delayed and suffered from a rush launch with bugs and other issues.

If the remasters weren’t delayed, they were originally supposed to launch at an earlier date. Crysis 1 was planned for February 2020 followed by Crysis 2 in August 2020. This would end with Crysis 3 in February 2021 after which the developers were hoping to release all three of them in a collection by May 2021.

Crysis Remastered has suffered from major issues on the Nintendo Switch after a recent update messed up the game. Crytek has also released two patches for the PC version while the PS4 and Xbox One versions are reportedly suffering from their own issues. Due to the impact of COVID and due to the development challenges that Crytek faced with the first remaster, it can be assumed that this led to the delay of the full trilogy, however, they are working on getting the other games out based on the leaked internal documents.

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