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Days Gone Rated M17+ By ESRB For Drug Reference, Sexual Themes and Strong Language

ESRB has now rated Days Gone and given it Mature rating citing the reasons why it was given this rating.

Days Gone release date was pushed back to April 26, 2019, by Sony. This delay was announced at the end of last year and it was speculated that it had more to do with the competition in the original release month. The reason for the delay was cited as extra polish needed to get the game out without any issues.

As we are getting closer to the release date, the official website for Days Gone was updated and ESRB rating has been added to the website. This rating is still not updated on the official ESRB website so there is no description to go along with it, but we do have an idea of the reasons why it was given this Mature 17+ rating by ESRB.

Days Gone has “Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, and Strong Language,” as per the ESRB rating.

Days Gone is a post-apocalyptic open world game from Sony Bend Studio. It was originally set to launch later this February but was pushed back to April. It will be the first PlayStation 4 first party exclusive to drop this month. The game has often been compared to The Last of Us due to the same post-apocalyptic setting with infected roaming the world, but there are more survival elements and the addition of a horde mechanic that lets player fight against a large number of zombies on screen.

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