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Dead Space 2 Teased In Possible Easter Egg For Dead Space Remake

A possible Easter egg in EA Motive’s remake of Dead Space may be teasing at the possibility of a Dead Space 2 remake being developed in future.

The Dead Space remake appears to be hinting at the possibility of a Dead Space 2 remake happening at some point, courtesy of a potential Easter egg hidden in the game. When players finish the game for the first time, they have the opportunity to begin a fresh playthrough in New Game Plus mode, which features some extras not found in the regular mode. One such addition is the inclusion of a few new text logs that aren’t found in the original playthrough.

Dead space 2 remake easter egg

Within these new text logs, players will find a conversation between two individuals regarding new employment opportunities due to a scheduled decommissioning that is to commence soon. The conversation further leads to a discussion about potentially working at the Sprawl on Titan.

Dead Space fans will instantly recognize the Sprawl as the space station featured in Dead Space 2. It was built by the Earth Government in the remains of Saturn’s moon Titan in a period where humanity survived near-extinction due to resource depletion by mining other planets.

During the event that take place on the planet Aegis VII in Dead Space, an artifact called the Red Marker−copied from an alien artifact by the Earth Government (EarthGov) during a disastrous attempt to harvest its energy−was uncovered during an illegal mining operation. By the events of Dead Space 2, the Aegis VII incident had been covered up, and new Marker experiments begun on the Sprawl.

The inclusion of a text log is by no means a confirmation that Dead Space 2 will also receive the remake treatment, it does appear to be a teaser of sorts. Whether it ends up happening largely depends on the success of the Dead Space remake.

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