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Deathverse: Let It Die Has Been Rated In Taiwan, Release Date Announcement Possibly Soon

Deathverse: Let It Die has been rated in Taiwan. The rating suggests that the game is due for an official announcement soon.

The game was being developed by Grasshopper Manufacture. It is a successor to their previous free-to-play release, Let It Die. The game switches to a battle royale format compared to the action RPG system of Let It Die.

Here is a small snippet of footage from the announcement trailer during a State of Play event back in October last year.

After the announcement, an official PlayStation blog post revealed more details on this upcoming project.

In a world set hundreds of years after Let It Die…

This game is set in the world after the events of Let It Die, where players fight for stardom in the survival TV reality show Death Jamboree. The show takes place in a virtual world known as the Deathverse, which was created by the Yotsuyama Group as a final destination for people’s souls.

With that, I’d like to explain the rules of the game.

Death Jamboree is produced and aired by the national television station YBC (Yotsuyama Broadcasting Company). Young people everywhere are attracted to the program via public recruitment sessions and promises of massive prize money.

The lucrative cash prizes and thrilling survival gameplay have attracted a fanatical viewing audience, making the program a worldwide phenomenon. Players will take part in the show as ordinary contestants who have appeared on the show to crush their rivals,

It is currently confirmed for both PS4 and PS5. There is a chance that this might be another free-to-play game, but nothing official has been announced so far. It was set to launch in 2022 but still has no release window or date.

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