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Demon’s Souls Fans Have Figured Out How To Unlock The Secret Door

Demon’s Souls Remake has a hidden secret from Bluepoint Games which has been unlocked now thanks to some fans who figured out a solution.

When Demon’s Souls Remake launched for the PS5, popular community member, VaatiVidya shared a video of a secret door that wasn’t found in the original game. This door was locked at this point and no one knew how to unlock it.

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Bluepoint Games continued to tease the new secret which left fans wondering on how to unlock the door. It took some time but once the existence of a new coin was discovered, it only became a matter of finding out how many coins were needed in order to unlock this door. If you want to avoid getting spoiled, it is best to ignore the method on how to unlock this secret door.

How To Unlock The Secret Door In Demon’s Souls

Fast forward to today, and fans have finally managed to unlock the door. This happened for the first time in a livestream on Twitch which was hosted by Distortion2. The user managed to trade 30 Ceramic Coins to Sparkly the Crow to get a Rusty Key in exchange.

Ceramic Coins can only be found when playing the game in the Fractured Mode. Users were helping each other trying to compile a list of their locations and once 30 of them were found in the game, trading them lead to the discovery of a key.

After some trial and error, it was determined that a minimum of 26 Ceramic Coins are needed in order to get the Rusky Key which will unlock the secret door. The reward is Penetrator’s Armor set. Here is how it looks in action.

Demon’s Souls is available as an exclusive for the PS5 and was released alongside the console as a launch game on November 12.

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