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Denuvo Servers Go Down Leading To Some Games Becoming Unplayable On Steam

Denuvo is one of the leading DRM solutions on PC and for games on Steam and the servers for the DRM are apparently down leading to issues.

It has been reported all over reddit, social media, and ResetEra¬†that the Denuvo servers are facing issues that are leading to some games becoming unplayable. One of the recent examples is Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy but several other games also use the service to offer protection from cracks on PC.

One of the users who shared about the DRM issue confirmed that one of the games that are affected by this outage is Shadow of the Tomb Raider. That user has also shared a screenshot that reveals the extent of this error.

If you are trying to play games now that have Denuvo DRM protection, you might receive the following error message. “The server is not reachable. Check your internet connection and click ‘Retry’.”

This error has more to do with the outage being faced by Denuvo DRM than anything else. One of the supposed origins of the issue is related to DNS renewal which could have led to this problem according to a tweet.

If you are facing issues with playing games on Steam that use Denuvo DRM, your best bet is to wait for a fix. If you have any other games that are unplayable, let us know in the comments below.

Salal Awan

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