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PS5 Security Allegedly Cracked, Console Jailbroken by Popular Hacker

PS5 security has been allegedly cracked and a proof-of-concept screenshot was shared by the popular hacker theflow on his Twitter account.

theflow was also behind the PSVita jailbreak which led to the console being able to run homebrew. He has also worked on cracking a few other systems including the PS4.

In a Twitter post, the security engineer shared a screenshot revealing the debug controls for the PS5. This implies that he was able to get around the security of the system and gain access to the developer controls, which are typically limited to development kits of the console.

In another tweet, theflow, whose real name is Andy Nguyen stated that he has no plans to disclose the details behind this method. He didn’t provide any ETA either.

Sony does have a bounty program for hackers that provides an incentive for them to report any flaws in their security. They usually offer a handsome reward for any such flaws that are reported for their hardware or software. The same is true for several other big companies like Valve and Microsoft.

PlayStation 5 was released last November so it seems like such a flaw being discovered this fast could be a serious threat to Sony if it is out in the public. While the PS4 also had a flaw with its security, Sony could easily bypass it with a firmware update and it took hackers a lot of time to crack the latest firmware thus slowing the progress of console hacking. Microsoft’s Xbox One meanwhile remains unhacked which was a big step up for them after the failure of the Xbox 360’s security.

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