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Destiny 2: The Final Shape Has Been Released Early By Accident

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Bungie’s latest expansion for Destiny 2, The Final Shape, has been released early by accident.

It turn out that those with access to PS5 Cloud Streaming via PS Plus Premium were able to play the Destiny 2: The Final Shape expansion 6 days ahead of its official release on June 4, 2024. As a result of some players accidentally gaining early access to the DLC, major story and content leaks are now being shared over social media. We advise caution for those who wish to remain spoiler-free.

Destiny 2 the final shape released

The accidental Destiny 2: The Final Shape leak from Sony Interactive Entertainment and Bungie, which led to the game being released early, happened due to an update issue that allowed players to access DLC content. The entire expansion was playable before Destiny 2 servers on PlayStation were taken down. Twitter/X user Bungie_Leaks has been sharing leaked details from the DLC, including weapons, armor, perks, while others have also been sharing information on story, lore, and raid content.

For the uninitiated, The Final Shape is an upcoming expansion for first-person shooter Destiny 2. The expansion’s story focuses on the Guardian pursuing major antagonist the Witness, who vanished through a portal on the Traveler at the end of the Lightfall campaign. The Guardian and the Vanguard must prevent the Witness from achieving the Final Shape i.e. the destruction and calcification of all life, and conclude the ongoing Light and Darkness saga.

The expansion introduces new super abilities for existing Light sub-classes and a new subclass called “Prismatic,” which combines Light and Darkness abilities. It will also bring new content such as missions, PvE locations, PvP maps, gear, weapons, and a new raid. Unlike previous years, Year 7 will not use the seasonal content model but will feature three large episodes, each divided into three acts, telling the aftermath of the expansion.

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