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Devil May Cry 3 Nintendo Switch Exclusive “Extra” Feature Revealed

Devil May Cry 3 will come with an extra new feature for Nintendo Switch as revealed by Capcom. This has been confirmed now through the official website.

Capcom’s Matt Walker had teased a little something extra for Devil May Cry 3 port on Nintendo Switch. This little extra feature has turned out to be a mode that allows users to switch the gameplay styles on the fly. This makes Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition act the same way as Devil May Cry 4 with its multiple styles.

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The official website has confirmed this information in the gameplay features sections. The game system has been revamped as the description confirms this new feature.

Will you prioritize speed or defense? Swordsmanship or gunplay? The new Style Change system allows you to experience the action through a number of unique Styles allowing for unprecedented variety. Level up the Styles and weapons as you see fit and create a playstyle all your own.

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition was recently released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in a collection that included the full trilogy. The new style change system was not a part of this collection but it appears to have been added for the Nintendo Switch.

This should allow fans to easily switch between styles leading to more dynamic combos. The game is well known among the community for its stylish combat system that has spawned countless combo videos as well.

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The game will launch on February 20, 2020, for the Nintendo Switch. Capcom hasn’t shared any comment on whether this style change system will make its way to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Theoretically, it is possible to do the same on PC through a mod but as far as consoles are concerned, there is no official way for now.

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