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Diablo Immortal: How To Know Which Class Is Best For You

Diablo Immortal servers go live today, and fans have been wondering which class is best to begin their journey with. It’s currently not possible to change classes without losing your level and gear, therefore it’s a good idea to choose according to your playstyle.

There are a total of 6 classes in Diablo Immortal: 2 melee focused classes, 2 ranged classes, and 2 hybrid classes. Another thing to keep in mind is that there’s no resource management in Diablo Immortal, and all skills are on cooldown timers.

Which Diablo Immortal Class Is Best For You?

Choosing the right class entirely depends on your preferred style of playing. As such, here’s a description of each class that should aid you in picking the Diablo Immortal class that’s best for you.


The Barbarian is an aggressive physical melee fighter, dual-wielding massive weapons that perform brutal melee attacks. These attacks heal your health back with every 3rd successful hit of your primary attack. As a result, this is a class that does well in the close range, ideally surrounded by enemies. You’ll want to charge in towards enemies and keep them engaged or use skills like Chained Spear to pull them in. The aim with this class is to use AoE attacks to deal massive damage to surrounding enemies.

Drawbacks for the Barbarian class include lack of range and limited mobility. You’ll always need to be up-close to enemies or draw them towards you using skills like Chained Spear in order to deal damage. There are no other options available for this class, as it’s strictly a melee-based class that best serves those who are into aggressive, close-range melee combat.


The Crusader is a melee hybrid class that relies on holy magic and heavy armor to withstand incoming damage attacks. You’ll be aggravating and rounding up enemies using the Draw and Quarter or the Spinning Shield skills and then use the Sweep Attack or other melee skills. It’s a tank class for all intents and purposes that serves to divert the attention of enemies and hold ground via crowd control stuns. This class works best in coop, where drawing the attention of enemies allows your teammates to deal a good amount of damage. However, as a solo class, the Crusader has a lower DPS compared to most of the other classes.

Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter is a ranged class that deals damage through an arsenal of arrows, explosives, and mechanisms, while constantly being on the move to stay out of the range of enemies. This is a really fast and agile class that comes with multiple skills that offer great mobility, such as Daring Swing. The Demon Hunter also possesses great AoE burst damage with skills like Multishot and Rain of Vengeance. This is, for all intents an purposes, an archer class that is best for long-range pressure on hoards of enemies. The high agility and AoE damage potential makes them a force to be reckoned with.

The main weakness of the Demon Hunter class is that they lack crowd control. Getting surrounded by a hoard of enemies at close-range can be devastating for the Demon Hunter class.


The Wizard is a long-range class that uses arcane energy into combinations of magic in order to manipulate and destroy enemies. There’s great synergy between this class’ different elemental attacks, and, as a result, they can be followed up successively to great effect in order to execute magic combos. Ray of Frost is a useful skill that can be used to freeze enemies from afar, and then followed up with Fire to explode enemies and deal massive damage. Depending on the situation at hand, there’s also some decent AoE potential here when combining different magic skills.

On the other hand, there’s a higher learning curve and skill cap involved with the Wizard class. Knowing the right situation to use a certain combo of magic skills comes with experience, and, as a result, this class is not recommended for beginners as well as those with limited patience. They also have lower health compared to the other classes.


The Monk is a hybrid melee class that channels divine energy into strong melee attacks, high mobility, and wards that protect them and their teammates. While mainly a melee class, the Monk is capable of performing mid-range attacks and also has the ability to chain physical attacks together. The Cyclone Strike skill is useful in pulling enemies towards you, and it can be followed up by Seven-sided Strike to deal massive amounts of burst damage. A lot of the Monk’s skills rely on agile and quick movement, and, as such, you’ll find yourself moving around the area at a rapid pace in order to stay one step ahead of enemies.

There is, however, a higher skill cap and learning curve compared to the other melee-based classes, namely the Barbarian and the Crusader. In addition, their health is also lower in comparison.


The Necromancer harvests the power of the dead to use dark magic and is accompanied by skeletal minions. It’s the most unique and diverse class available in Diablo Immortal. It’s primarily a summoning class with mostly mid-range attacks, though there are some close-range melee options, such as Grim Scythe skill. However, your summoned minions will mainly do the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to shield yourself behind them and safely dish out mid-range attacks. Enemy corpses can be turned into explosives a via the Corpse Explosion skill, which proves extremely useful during crowded situations. Flexibility and range of options is the Necromancer’s strength, as it’s the most versatile class in the game, allowing you to play in different ways.

Mobility is not one of the Necromancer’s strengths, however. Their low mobility and low health makes them a little tougher to play as initially, as you need to familiarize and train yourself to stick to the mid-range, and also figure out the ideal situations to summon minions.

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