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Digimon Survive Was Supposed To Release In February According To Taiwan Rating Board

Digimon Survive is a spin-off based on the popular Digimon IP that was supposed to launch in 2020 and was delayed until 2022.

According to the Taiwan Game Rating board, which had given the game a rating last year, the game was supposed to arrive in February. It had a release date of February 17 when the game was submitted. Keep in mind that this is usually accurate for most of the games that are submitted for ratings and at least as far as I can tell, this has rarely been proven wrong.

The rating board has also provided a synopsis of the game so take a look at it below.

One day, the teenagers and young girls participating in a field survey suddenly enter an alien world, a lonely but nostalgic place, but also a cruel world with unseen rampaging creatures wandering around, accompanied by a crisis of survival. In this harsh environment, the teenagers and the girls start their adventure with the power of the wonderful creatures they meet along the way, with the goal of returning to the original world.

Its genre is listed as strategy/simulation and the game has received a 12 age rating. The reasons listed are Violence, Terror, and Inappropriate Language. The platforms listed are PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

What this means is that Digimon Survive was targeting a February 17 release date, but it missed the window. There has been no news on the game for a while now which has left fans perplexed since it was originally announced for 2020.

We can also assume that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a large impact on the development of the game since it led to lockdowns all over the world and provided additional hurdles for game developers who had to work from home.

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