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Disney Plus March 2020: All TV Shows and Movies Coming To Disney Plus

Disney Plus is a brand new streaming service and it thrives on its back catalog of movies and tv shows. Here’s what is coming to Disney Plus in March 2020.

Disney launched its own streaming service in selected countries of the world back in November 2019. It is still available in limited countries worldwide and will be gradually made available to others. Disney Plus has turned out to be a decent competitor to Netflix but it still doesn’t manage to hold a candle to the amount of new original content.

Disney is added some brand new original content in March but it feels lackluster next to the amount of content that Netflix offers every month. Here’s everything coming to Disney Plus in March 2020. The content might vary depending on your country and region.

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What TV Show and Movie Is Coming To Disney Plus In March 2020

 March 1

  • Doctor Dolittle 2
  • Ice Age

March 4

  • Marvel Studios’ Black Panther

March 5

  • Bedtime Stories

March 6

  • The Finest Hours
  • Three on the Run

March 13

  • Wicked Tuna (S3-8)
  • Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks (S1-6)
  • Zorro – Second Series (S1)
  • Stargirl (ORIGINAL)

March 15

  • G-Force

March 17

  • Big Hero 6: The Series (S2)

March 20

  • I Didn’t Do It (S1-2)
  • Playtime with Puppy Dog Pals: Puppy Playcare (S2)
  • Vampirina – Ghoul Girls Rock! (S2)
  • Diary of a Future President S1 Finale (ORIGINAL)
  • Marvel’s Hero Project Finale (ORIGINAL)

March 25

  • A Wrinkle in Time (2018)

March 27

  • Be Our Chef S1 Premiere (ORIGINAL)

Disney Plus is a premium streaming service that is cheaper than Netflix. It offers many TV shows and movies taking from the vault of both Disney and Fox. The service is still relatively new and continues to get fresh original content at a slow pace. It is expected to pick up as the service is offered in more countries.

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