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Dragon Ball Sparking: Zero Will Not Include Local Co-op, Will Feature GT characters

Bandai Namco Entertainment and Spike Chunsoft’s upcoming fighting game, Dragon Ball Sparking Zero, will not include a local co-op mode, though it will feature characters from Dragon Ball GT.

According to Twitter/X user LaunSSJ, Dragon Ball Sparking Zero producer Jun Furutani has revealed that the upcoming fighting game will not include a split-screen local co-op mode. It is further stated that this decision was not made due to development issues, rather it was due to issues related to Sony and Microsoft’s complicated certification process. The development team is currently looking into a solution, but, as of now, the game won’t include a split-screen co-op mode.

Dragon ball sparking zero local co-op

Furthermore, it is mentioned by the producer that characters from Dragon Ball GT will be included in Dragon Ball Sparking Zero, possibly in the base roster or as DLC. The game will also include fusions (e.g. Gogeta, Vegito, Gotenks). Additionally, the game will feature a full-fledged story that will be an evolution of the story mode from Tenkaichi 3.

As for the visuals, it is stated that they have been improved compared to the previously seen trailers for Dragon Ball Sparking Zero. The development team has apparently addressed criticism regarding character hair, for example. Additionally, it is stated that special effort is being put into the quality of backgrounds, so as to make them more immersive. According to the source, character outfits can deteriorate during fights, and the fights themselves are designed to be lengthier than in earlier titles.

As per the producer, several other trailers for Dragon Ball Sparking Zero will be released in the coming months, each showcasing new features. Characters from Dragon Ball movies will also be included, possibly up to Gohan Beast. Lastly, it is mentioned that the game’s title artwork is already finished, and that it follows the style of the series’ original artwork.

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