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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Update 1.41 Is Out, Here Are The Details

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has been updated to version 1.41 by Bandai Namco. This patch appears to adjust the Card Battle minigame as detailed below.

Bandai Namco added a new card battle minigame with the last update. This was released along with the second major DLC “A New Power Awakens Part 2” for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

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The patch notes that are accessible directly on the PS4 don’t appear to list any major changes. The file size is close to 3 GB on Xbox One, under 100 MB on PC, and under 1 GB on PS4. Get the Dragon Ball Z Kakaort 1.41 update patch notes below.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Update 1.41 Patch Notes

  • Made other adjustments

The adjustments made here are for the Card Battle minigame. It was initially supposed to go live on December 14, but for unknown reasons, it was delayed until today.

Here are the changes that were shared by Bandai Namco.

Adjustments to Cost/ATK/HP

Normal: Chi-Chi “Mad Mama”

  • Before: Cost 1 / HP 2000
  • After: Cost 2 / HP 4000

Rare: Goku “Dragon Hammer Strike”

  • Before: Cost 1 / HP 4000
  • After: Cost 4 / HP 7000

Rare: Trunks “Burning Attack”

  • Before: Cost 8 / HP 16000
  • After: Cost 10 / HP 18000

Super Rare: Majin Buu (Innocent) “Buu’s Back”

  • Before: ATK 1000
  • After: ATK 2000

Rare: “Reunification”

  • Before: Cost 1
  • After: Cost 2

Adjustments to Card Effects

Rare: Trunks “Burning Attack”

  • The amount of damage done upon appearance will be changed from “7,000” to “5,000”.

Legend: Vegeta “New Battle Suit”

  • The amount of damage done upon appearance will be changed from “5,000” to “7,000”.

Normal: Vegeta “Energy Cutter”

  • The Symbol Conditions necessary in order to activate the effect upon appearance will be changed from “consumed” to “owned”.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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