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Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Complete A Beggar’s Tale Quest

A Beggar’s Tale is one of the earliest sidequests in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You can find out the steps on how to beat it in this guide.

A Beggar’s Tale takes place in the town square part of Vernworth, the main city in Vermund. You will get it automatically in the game and it is one of the first sidequests that you can get without having to resort to completing some specific tasks.

How To Complete A Beggar’s Tale In Dragon’s Dogma 2

You will find the Beggar standing next to the fountain in the main square. He will tell some folklore story for a good few minutes so wait next to him until he is finished. He will soon move away from his location and head to a place near the slums. You can follow him to see where he goes, but he will stop at one point and enter a house. This house is directly beneath the rest point that you can purchase after one of the sidequests in the game.

Once the beggar goes inside, the door will be closed. If you try to sneak into his home just as he opens the door, you will be thrown out so don’t bother. Just wait another couple of minutes out the door and he will leave the home soon. Once he does, you will have the opportunity to go inside and get the item “Beggar’s Garb”.

Go back outside and follow him and you will notice that he is heading to the slums. Keep track of his movement and make special mention of who he talks to, and you will retrace his steps to the Noble Quarters. He will head into the Baldwin Estate. Now you have three different endings depending on how you want to complete this sidequest. Each of them offers different rewards.

  • Option 1: Go to the Slums and head to Walter’s Tavern. Find Celina there and give her the Beggar’s Garb.
  • Option 2: Go to Baldwin’s Estate and give the Beggar’s Garb to Albert.
  • Option 3: Go Outside Baldwin’s Estate and give the Beggar’s Garb to Hilda.

In each of these options, you will be tasked to return after a few days, so do so. Once you return and talk to the person again, the quest will be marked as complete and you will be given a reward e.g for Option 3, you will get 3x Onyx, or for Option 2, you will get some money as a reward.

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 is out now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S|X.

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