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Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Complete Saint of the Slums Quest

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has many sidequests that the player can attempt and it can be overwhelming. Saint of the Slums is one of these sidequests.

To complete the Saint of the Slums sidequest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will need to perform a long list of actions beginning with first talking to Sister Elena who can be found next to the Gracious Hand at night. You should have done the basic questline for Gracious Hand first before you can get the Saint of the Slums sidequest.

How To Complete Saint of Slums Sidequest In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Talk to Lady Elena (Abbess) to start the Sidequest, she will request two Miasmite from you

Miasmite can be found by killing the ghost-like figures that are found outside the city. You need to sleep until it is night and then go outside. They are easily seen through the darkness as they have a white glow. They are not hard to defeat either. After killing either of them, you will get the Miasmite. Once you have two of them, return and talk to Lady Elena to give it to her.

Do a Tour of the Gracious Hands

You can tour the Gracious Hands. Talk to everyone there, but Lottie especially on the first floor. She will mention that she has heard strange cries and moans from the basement sickroom. Go down and into the basement. Check out the room that holds the patient. There is a side room next to it that has the key item Unlabeled Medicine.

Take the Unlabeled Medicine to Radcliffe In Checkpoint Rest Town

If you haven’t found the town yet, it is located on the far right side of Vermund. Check the map below for the exact location of the town. You can also use your pawn and instruct them with the “Go” command to take you to the town.

Once you are there, follow the location mark or your pawn and you will end up at Radcliffe’s home. Give him the unlabeled medicine and he will ask you to return in a few days.

Once you return after a few days, Radcliffe will you that this medicine is more poison than healing. You have found your first evidence but you will need more.

Return to Gracious Hand and Inspect the Basement again

Once you have the first evidence of the medicine, go back to the Gracious Hand and you will find the Records of Treatment key item. It mentions two patients, Jehan and Bruno, who left the Gracious Hand in good health.

Go To Walter’s Tavern and Talk To Bruno and Jehan

Walter’s Tavern is located just outside the Gracious Hand. You will find Bruno and Jehan. Just talk to everyone at the Tavern and you will locate them, otherwise they are sitting on the floor there. Bruno will tell you of a meeting that he has witnessed between Lady Elena (Abbess) and a strange man. You need to head to the square in the eastern part of Venworth to witness it. You also need to talk to Jehan who has nothing but praise for the Abbess.

Witness the meeting between Lady Elena and Strange Man

Head to the eastern part of the town. The location of this meeting is just outside the rest house that you purchased for a sidequest. It is also marked on the map so you can just instruct your pawn to take you there with the “Go” command.

Capture Lady Elena

Once you have all the evidence in hand, you can capture Lady Elena (Abbess). Just go to the Gracious Hand at night and into the basement with the patient room. She will be standing outside the door. Grab her and you will put her on hold and take her to guards.

This is how you can complete the Saint of the Slums sidequest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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