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Fae Farm Review – Convergence of Farming and Fantasy

Fae Farm presents an intriguing amalgamation of genres, positioning itself primarily as a farming simulator infused with elements of adventure. The narrative sets the stage with a protagonist, customizable at the outset, embarking on a journey to an island after discovering a magical message in a bottle. This voyage takes an unexpected turn when the protagonist loses control of their ship, leading to a crash landing on the island. Upon arrival, it becomes clear that the island faces significant challenges, prompting the mayor to enlist the protagonist’s help in restoring safety and order.

Typically, narrative depth is not a priority in farming simulators, as exemplified by franchises like Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, which excel by focusing on and refining core gameplay mechanics. Fae Farm attempts to carve a niche for itself by weaving a narrative centered around the disruptive magic affecting the world of Azoria, integrating this storyline with a progression system that unlocks new features as players delve deeper. However, this approach yielded mixed feelings for me. While the effort to embed gameplay within a narrative framework is commendable, the story’s execution felt lackluster, leading to a diminished interest in the overarching plot.

The game introduces players to its mechanics through a series of tutorials covering farming, questing, and exploration, tailored to the player’s current abilities. Playing Fae Farm on the Steam Deck, I was impressed by its performance, maintaining a consistent 60 FPS from the outset, indicative of its non-taxing nature on hardware. The farming simulator components adhere to genre standards, offering a familiar experience to veterans of such games. Additionally, Fae Farm incorporates a home decoration feature reminiscent of, or inspired by Animal Crossing.

The story unfolds across various chapters, each presenting a series of quests. Initially, the focus is on basic farming, which evolves to include animal husbandry, followed by the development of an economy to facilitate further improvements. This progression incorporates standard elements along with a touch of magic, adding a fantastical dimension to the narrative. The game becomes increasingly engaging as players are encouraged to explore the expansive world around them, which is rich in discoveries and never dull. Activities such as cooking, fishing, and crafting new resources by finding recipes are available, alongside opportunities to enhance one’s toolkit through diligent effort.

A noteworthy feature of Far Farm is its user-friendly gameplay, which streamlines farming tasks. Tools for resource harvesting and farm care automatically switch as needed, eliminating manual selection and significantly enhancing the player experience. This efficiency contributes to an addictive gameplay loop. Additionally, the game introduces an exploratory element through the potential to build relationships or friendships with Azoria’s inhabitants. Although these interactions offer less tangible rewards, the quests they unlock are enjoyable and enrich the overall game experience.

Fae Farm also incorporates dungeon exploration, requiring players to venture into dungeons for specific resources and engage in light combat, leveraging magical abilities. The game features a fast travel system that must be initially unlocked but proves to be a convenient mode of navigation across the map. Despite a tendency towards resource-intensive grinding, the gameplay remains enjoyable due to streamlined controls. Load times may be somewhat lengthy, yet the game’s technical performance is commendable, particularly on platforms like the Steam Deck.

The game includes a multiplayer feature, although it has its limitations. To participate in multiplayer sessions, players are required to create a Phoenix Labs account. The integration of this feature seems somewhat hasty and not fully thought through. A significant drawback is that progression is not linked to individual players. As a result, if you join a game with friends, you may find yourself starting from the beginning, without the ability to bring your personal progress into the shared session.

Despite its narrative shortcomings, Fae Farm stands out as an enjoyable farming simulation. It vividly brings its world to life through a blend of magic and fantasy elements. The game promises a delightful experience for those who can look past its less compelling storyline, offering fantastic gameplay that many will find engaging.

Fae Farm Game Information

  • Price: $39.99
  • Publisher: Phoenix Labs
  • Developer: Phoenix Labs
  • Platform: PC (Reviewed)
  • Disclaimer: A review code was given by the publisher


All in all, Fae Farm is an excellent choice for those who enjoy farming simulation games with a touch of adventure. While it might not reach the heights of the genre, there is still plenty to offer here.

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