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Fallout 4 Cut Content Included a Bioshock-Style Underwater Vault With “Massive Sentient Octopus”

Fallout 4 players could enjoy a lot more in the game if some of the content was not cut like an underwater vault with a massive sentient octopus outside.

This is according to Todd Howard, who mentioned this in a new AMA that was posted to Reddit. According to Todd, they had planned to include this content in the game, but it was unfortunately cut.

Todd talked about this cut content in response to a question that mentioned Vault-120 and a lot of the Fallout 4 world map being set underwater. He replied what most fans had assumed for a while now confirming that all of this was cut content.

“Unfortunate cut content. Bioshock style Vault. With massive sentient octopus living outside it,” said Todd.

Another interesting answer that he gave was regarding the status of the Fallout IP. The original games weren’t owned by Bethesda so when asked if they about what they planned to do if they didn’t get the rights to the IP, Todd mentioned that they would have made a new one.

“It was called ‘Apocalypse Road’ and had a great logo with a street sign, ” recalls Todd.

Todd has also talked about the mistakes and lessons that they learned with the development and launch of Fallout 76. He revealed that there are more than 11 million players three years since the game launched back in 2018.

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