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FF XVI Producer Is Interested In Working On A New Final Fantasy Tactics Game

Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida is interested in working on a brand new Final Fantasy Tactics game.

Speaking during an interview, Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida was asked about the possibility of using the game as the base for a new Final Fantasy Tactics title. In response, he said that its scale may not be the best choice for a revival of the classic strategy game

Final fantasy tactics game

Yoshida explained that the development team at Square Enix’s Creative Business Unit 3 has a lot of staff members who worked on previous games like Final Fantasy Tactics or Final Fantasy 12. He said that Final Fantasy XVI is bound to give some similar vibes, as many of the same people are on the team. According to him, most people in the development team are Final Fantasy Tactics fans, though if they end up working on the latter, they wouldn’t want to do the same story that ultimately ends up being a different story.

According to Yoshida, carrying the epic battles seen in Final Fantasy XVI over to a Final Fantasy Tactics game with a grid system would be a difficult undertaking. “How would we even do the Eikon versus Eikon battles in that style? If you have the Eikons, how many squares is an Eikon going to be? You have more people out there as well, so what about the wait time in between?”, he wondered. That said, he agreed that the series does lend itself well to that kind of storytelling, and that it’s probably about time that the development team works on a new Final Fantasy Tactics game.

For the uninitiated, the aforementioned battle system in Final Fantasy Tactics involves three-dimensional, isometric fields with characters moving on square tiles based on their statistics and job class. Terrain and weather can both provide strategic advantages and disadvantages.

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