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Final Fantasy Tactics Director Could Be Teasing A Possible Remaster

The director of Square Enix’s 1997 tactical role-playing game, Final Fantasy Tactics, may possibly be teasing a remaster.

Final Fantasy Tactics director, Yasumi Matsuno, took to Twitter to state that many fans of the game are looking forward to the rumored remaster. He added that he would be very excited when the remaster is announced, suggesting that it may already be in development. That said, he may simply be sharing his enthusiasm towards such a possibility, and publisher Square Enix may not have greenlit a remaster as yet.

Final fantasy tactics remaster

In his follow-up tweet, Matsuno asked fans whether it would be better to weaken ” The Thunder God Cid”, who was accused of destroying the balance. It appears that the Final Fantasy Tactics director is already thinking about balancing changes and potential Quality of Life improvements for the remaster.

Final Fantasy Tactics is a tactical role-playing game released in 1997 for the PlayStation console. Developed and published by Square, it marked the beginning of the Tactics series within the Final Fantasy franchise and introduced players to the captivating world of Ivalice. The game’s storyline revolves around Ramza Beoulve, a noble cadet caught in the midst of The Lion War, a fierce military conflict where rival noble factions vie for the kingdom’s throne.

The development of Final Fantasy Tactics started in 1995 under the guidance of Yasumi Matsuno, a talented creator known for the Ogre Battle series at Quest Corporation. Matsuno envisioned a tactical game that would be accessible to a wide audience and would emphasize class-based conflicts and the manipulation of history. Taking on the roles of director and writer, Matsuno collaborated with renowned Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, who served as the producer, while Hiroyuki Ito designed the game’s engaging battles. The development team included experienced members from the Ogre Battle series, such as artists Hiroshi Minagawa and Akihiko Yoshida, as well as composers Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata.

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