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Phantom Blade Zero Won’t Have Microtransactions, Will Take Full Advantage Of DualSense Features

S-GAME’s third-person action role-playing game, Phantom Blade Zero, will not have any microtransactions or gacha elements, and will take full advantage of the PS5 controller’s DualSense features.

In a Q&A session conduced on Discord, Phantom Blade Zero developer S-GAME revealed that the game will not have any gacha elements or microtransactions, and that it will take full advantage of the PS5 controller’s DualSense features.

Phantom blade zero microtransactions dualsense

In response to a question regarding the possibility of gacha elements in Phantom Blade Zero, the developer clarified that the game will have zero (pun not intended) microtransactions. Additionally, it was revealed that what was shown in the game’s reveal trailer is only part of your arsenal in the final game. There will be multiple weapons at the player’s disposal, and each one will affect gameplay with unique moves and combos. Given that Phantom Blade Zero is still early in development, the development team is open to suggestions from the community.

Responding to another question regarding haptic feedback support, the developer stated that it will make the most of the PS5 controller’s DualSense features. Additionally, S-GAME revealed that Phantom Blade Zero will feature Souls-like elements, but the game’s designers are not going full throttle on difficulty and punishment. Instead, the development team is looking to make the game more “approachable”, where the player would not need ultra quick reflexes or finger movements to get an enjoyable experience.

S-GAME also shared a few details on Phantom Blade Zero’s story as well as its protagonist. The game features a powerful institution known as the Order, which tasks itself with maintaining a check and balance between the forces of good and evil. For this purpose, it needs capable agents.

The protagonist. Soul, was adopted by the patriarch of the Order and trained into an expert of espionage and assassination. His job is to remove any person or faction deemed “disruptive” by the Order. From birth to death, fate has hardly been merciful to him. He has been manipulated as a pawn in one conspiracy after another, but finally managed to defeat the individual pulling the strings from behind-the-scenes. The world featured in Phantom Blade is described as a miserable place in general, but wherever Soul goes, he leaves a ray of hope in his wake.

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