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Xbox Showcase First-Party Trailers Will Be In-Game/In-Engine, No CGI


The trailers for first-party titles revealed at the upcoming Xbox Showcase will all feature in-game or in-engine footage, and none of them will be CGI-only.

Vice President of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, Aaron Greenberg, took to Twitter to state that all trailers for first-party titles revealed at the upcoming Xbox Showcase, which is scheduled to happen on June 11, 2023, will feature in-game or in-engine footage. He further clarified that no first-party game at the show will have a CGI-only trailer, and that everything is either in-game footage, in-engine footage, or in-game footage with some cinematics. Additionally, he said that each of the first-party trailers will be labeled in order to keep things clear for fans.

Xbox showcase trailers

In response to a question regarding the possibility of a 12 month release window for all the first-party titles shown, much like at last year’s event, Greenberg stated that it would not be the case this year. Another Twitter user asked whether there would be any movie trailers at the Xbox Showcase, much like there was one for the Gran Turismo movie at the PlayStation Showcase, Greenberg confirmed that the event will feature no trailer of the sort.

Greenberg also mentioned that he had no plans to tease, temper, or spoil anything ahead of the show. He said that he loved seeing all the wild expectations from the event, and his advice to fans is to “just come in open minded and enjoy the ride”. He expressed his appreciation for the years of hard work and the heart and soul so many of the development teams at Xbox Studios have put into their games for the fans.

Previously, it was reported that the often rumored remake of Sega and Atlus’ Persona 3 may be getting revealed at the Xbox Showcase. This came as rather surprising, given PlayStation’s long-running relationship with Atlus and the Persona series.

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