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Phantom Blade Zero Developer Shares Story Length, Confirm Gameplay Details

S-GAME, the developer behind third-person action role-playing game Phantom Blade Zero, has shared the length of the game’s main story along with details regarding the gameplay.

During a Q&A session that took place on Discord, the Phantom Blade Zero developer, S-GAME, shared information regarding the length of the game’s main story as well as new details regarding the gameplay.

Phantom blade zero story gameplay

With regards to the length of Phantom Blade Zero’s main story, the developer stated that it should take approximately 30 to 40 hours to complete. Additionally, there are several side quests to take on as well as a wealth of endgame content that will unlock upon the completion of the main story, including various multiplayer dungeons, a boss rush mode, rogue-like abysses, and more.

In response to a question regarding the authenticity of the gameplay shown in the PlayStation Showcase trailer, the developer stated that the action sequences seen in the trailer feature actual combat captured in-engine. However, for the purpose of the trailer, the studio used a more “cinematic” camera and specifically set certain angles. The developer said that, in the actual game, the combat will have a more stable camera with a larger Field of View. The action will look much clearer, although less impactful compared to the trailer in order to avoid causing dizziness.

S-GAME has developed a system called “Combo Chain” over the course of 10 years, primarily for mobile games. However, it claims that the system also works well on other types of input devices, such as game pads. Players will be able to edit their skill orders in two chains and execute super complex and fast combos by simply pressing two buttons, as per the developer. According to S-Game, this will empower them to perform gameplay that resembles the skills of professional players in games like Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden. However, according to the studio, there is further depth in organizing the skill order and mastering timing-related skills such as parrying and dodging.

Regarding the design of the game world, the Phantom Blade Zero developer said that the game features a semi-open world map instead of a linear one. It does not feature a vast open world where you need to travel long distances, however. That said, it does offer multiple paths and incorporates some open world elements into its design.

In response to a question regarding the game’s release window, the developer stated that it was currently unable to provide a specific time frame for its release. The early concept for Phantom Blade Zero was written and designed in 2017, but the actual development started in early 2022 with a small team of 2-3 core members. S-GAME also clarified that it currently does not have any exclusivity agreements with any of the console manufacturers, and that it plans on launching the game simultaneously across multiple platforms.

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