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John Wick Creators Are Highly Motivated To Work On AAA Game Based On The Franchise

The creators of the John Wick movie series are highly motivated to work on a AAA video game based on the franchise.

During its earnings presentation, Lionsgate President Joe Drake expressed his satisfaction with the box office performance of John Wick 4 and conveyed the company’s intention to maintain momentum. Furthermore, he showed a high level of enthusiasm surrounding the potential development of a John Wick video game, indicating an abundance of interest.

John wick game

Given that Lionsgate is actively engaged in discussions on the subject with a high level of enthusiasm, it appears that a game based on the franchise is more a question of “when” rather than “if” at this point. Despite the talk of active conversations being had on the possibility of a game based on the series, no specific publishers or studios were brought up that are being considered for handling its development.

In November, Lionsgate expressed confidence in the potential for a major AAA game based on the John Wick franchise and acknowledged receiving proposals for such a project. Mike Bithell released John Wick Hex, a strategy game serving as a prequel to the John Wick universe, in 2020. The character of John Wick has also made appearances in Fortnite and Payday 2. Additionally, a VR game titled John Wick Chronicles was released in 2017.

The John Wick franchise, created by Derek Kolstad, is an American neo-noir action thriller series that revolves around the character John Wick, a former assassin drawn back into the criminal underworld he once left behind. The franchise began with the release of the first film, titled John Wick, in 2014. It was followed by three sequels: Chapter 2 in 2017, Chapter 3 – Parabellum in 2019, and Chapter 4 in 2023. These films have garnered significant acclaim from critics and have collectively amassed a worldwide box office gross exceeding $1 billion. In addition to the mainline films, the franchise is expanding with two spin-off projects currently in production.

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