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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Madam M Massage Course: Which Course Is Best?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake offers some replay value. Madam M’s Massage Course is one of the events with multiple endings. Here is an explanation for all of them.

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the players have to make many choices to play the game. One of the difficult choices the players have to make is to choose that if they want to get Madam M’s Luxury Course, Standard Course, or Poor Man’s Course. The choice that you make here will impact the missions that you will get later in the game, so think carefully.

We have listed below the details regarding Madam M’s Massage Courses.

Which Madam M Massage Course Is Best In Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

  • Luxury Course: The best massage by Madam M where a hand cream is also used and a thorough massage is performed.
  • Standard Course: This massage is just enough that Cloud is satisfied but there is no pleasant experience here as it abruptly ends.
  • Poor Man’s Course: This could lead to the poor Cloud suffering and screaming with pain since it is neither pleasant nor satisfying.

By selecting the sort of massage you desire, you will not only get distinct scenes, but you will also influence the side quests that you will have to do later in this chapter.

final fantasy 7 remake madam m massage course

Cloud’s dress will change depending on your choice here. If you choose Poor Man’s course, you simply get the Chocobo Sam quest. If you choose the Luxury course, you end up with two side quests. Depending on the choices here, you will either get a Blue and Black dress, or a White dress.

In one of the earlier chapters, you might remember doing a coin toss. If you have performed the coin toss in Chapter 9, you should pick Poor Man’s course, and if you didn’t, the Luxury course will be better for you.

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