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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Best Settings Guide For Gameplay

The latest entry in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII remake trilogy, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, is now available exclusively on PS5, and we’ve put together the ideal settings for getting the best possible gameplay experience out of the game.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth features a robust set of options for players to tweak the gameplay experience to their liking. The first thing to do is to make sure that you have Performance mode enabled for more fluid and responsive controls. There are a number of additional options that can be altered to get a better experience than with the default gameplay settings in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Final fantasy vii rebirth best settings

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Best Settings For Gameplay

Below are the options that you’ll need to change in order to get the best possible gameplay experience in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.


  • Combo Targeting: Free (allows you to switch to a different enemy mid-combo)
  • Terrain Action Guide: On (adds useful and unintrusive UI assistance for environmental objects that can be interacted with during traversal)
  • Swap Guard & Command Shortcut Buttons: Enabled (depending on which shoulder button you prefer to have the Guard button on)


  • Camera Distance: Out of Battle: 3
  • Camera Distance: In Battle: 3
  • Camera Repositioning: Off
  • Attacked Target Correction:
    • On (if you want the camera to automatically target the enemy your character is currently attacking)
    • Off (if you prefer to have full control over the camera)
  • Responsiveness: 4 (or as per preference)
  • Camera View: Ally Commands: Active Characters
  • Lock-On Controls:
    • Menu Controls & Auto-Camera (if you prefer to have the camera automatically follow the targeted enemy, which can be useful when performing aerial attacks)
    • Menu Control (of you prefer to keep manual control over the camera)
  • Screen Shake: Off

To learn about the difficulty options available in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and what they do, follow the link here.

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