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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Release Date May Have Leaked

The release date for Square Enix’s upcoming sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake, titled Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, has allegedly been leaked.

Twitter user 0AOXO, who shares leaks from the game industry, claims that the release date for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is rumored to have been leaked. According to them, it appears that the game will arrive in store shelves on January 31, 2024.

Final fantasy vii rebirth release date

The date of January 31, 2024 does seem like a placeholder due to a number of reasons. For starters, many game pre-order listings will have their release date listed as the final day of a month. Additionally, Final Fantasy VII Remake was released on a Friday, and it’s unlikely that its sequel would arrive in store shelves on a Wednesday. Therefore, we’re inclined to believe that the actual release date may be a few days earlier on January 26, 2024. The game can currently be wishlisted on the PlayStation Store, and no official release date has been provided outside of the Early 2024 launch window.

Previously, former Reset Era member Im A Hero Too, who used to leak information regarding several Japanese games that have been in development, had shared details regarding the release of both Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and the Final Fantasy Tactics remaster before mysteriously disappearing from the forum. According to him, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is slated for release in January, 2024. He had said that Zack is featured as a playable character, and that Square Enix has shown only a tiny portion of the game.

Furthermore, he had mentioned that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a “massive” game, though the world map comprises of zones that are smaller than the ones seen in Final Fantas XVI. As per him, the battle system is still “sublime”. Based on his guess, around 50% of the game’s story takes a completely new direction compared to the 1997 original. According to Im A Hero Too, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is not as “meta” as Final Fantasy VII Remake, but it’s definitely taking a brand new direction with lots of callbacks for diehard fans.

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