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Final Fantasy VII Remake Switch 2 Port Rumored For Launch, Details On Other Square Enix Projects

A Nintendo Switch 2 port for Square Enix’s role-playing game, Final Fantasy VII Remake, is currently in development, based on the latest rumor.

Former Reset Era member Im A Hero Too, who had previously deleted their account after leaking information regarding several Japanese games that are in development, has once again emerged to expose imposters posing as them on Discord. They also had themselves verified with another Reset member in order to prove their identity.

Final fantasy vii remake switch 2

The former Reset Era member had some details to share regarding projects that are currently in development at Square Enix and Sega.

Regarding the titles in development at Square Enix, they had previously talked about remakes for both Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy X. They stated that the Final Fantasy IX remake was originally scheduled for a Summer 2024 release, but they aren’t sure about that anymore, as the game needs some further polishing. They also mentioned that the Final Fantasy X remake has a skeleton crew for development, and that it will not be released in time to coincide with the original’s 25th anniversary.

Im A Hero Too also revealed that Final Fantasy VII Remake is in development for the Nintendo Switch 2, and that it looks and runs just like the PS5 version on a devkit. They were told that the porting process took no time, and, as a result, it may end up being a launch title for Nintendo’s next console. Additionally, they mentioned that Square has new PS5 devkits, and it is assumed that these are for the PS5 Pro.

Regarding titles in development at Sega, they mentioned that another Sonic game is coming next year, along with Jet Set, Comix Zone and a new Guardian Heroes. Meanwhile, Persona 6 is a bit further away than what they had previously thought. According to them, it won’t be released in 2024. The main theme of Persona 6 is “black and white”, as per them. They also mentioned a party-themed Persona game that has yet to be announced.

The leaker also answered a crucial question regarding the Nintendo Switch successor. They said that the Switch 2 devkit is backwards compatible with the original Nintendo Switch library, based on a few games that were tested. The new console will have a brand new cartridge as well as a new camera feature, they said.

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